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Weekly Magazines Pay Tribute to Robin Williams


All over the world magazines are paying tribute to actor & comedian Robin Williams, who tragically died on August 11th 2014.

ACTOR Robin Williams took his own life by hanging himself in his home in Tiburon, California. The entertainer Robin Williams leaves behind his wife, three adult children and a legacy of Hollywood fame.

A multi-talented entertainer famous for his comedic genius, Williams won an Oscar academy award for his role in Good Will Hunting, and also starred in movies Mrs. Doubtfire and Good Morning, Vietnam. But how did he first rise to fame? A loveable alien Mork on hit sitcom Mork & Mindy.

On camera, things seems to be so easy, although it is revealed Williams struggled for much of his life with both substance abuse and depression. Williams often made reference to this in his comedy routines as he joked about falling off the wagon during a comedy tour, saying: “I went to rehab in wine country to keep my options open.”


Friends remember William’s career & personal struggles in last weeks Special Tribute WHO Magazine Issue:

Susan Schneider. “I am utterly heartbroken.”

“Robin was a lightning storm of comic genius, and our laughter was the thunder that sustained him,” said Steven Spielberg.

Numerous other weekly magazines have paid special tribute to the Oscar winning actor, as they dedicate multiple issues to the famous Robin Williams.


But our weekly magazines are not the only devoted followers. Within the first six hours of the heartbreaking news of William’s passing, he had over 7.5 million mentions on twitter alone. A number of people took to social media in memory. Many citing quotes from their favourite films, posting pictures, videos and much more.

What will you remember most about Robin Williams?

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