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Favourite Aussie male magazine stars.


Over the years we’ve seen our Aussie male actors make waves in Hollywood. From Geoffrey Rush & Jack Thompson, followed by superstars Russell Crowe & Hugh Jackman, to the ever-bankable Hemsworth brothers of today, magazines love to fill their pages with our southern stars.

Starting the trend was the then 32 year-old  Jack Thompson who took off his gear for the infamous double page spread in 1972 for Cleo. Now in his 70’s, Jack Thompson can still have a laugh about his role as Australia’s first male centrefold.  “It feels like five minutes ago that I was a centrefold,” Thompson told SMH. “That I was described as a ‘sex symbol’. Now I’m the seniors ambassador.”


Undeniably one of Australia’s biggest stars – Russell Crowe – made a splash on the December 2003 cover of Vanity Fair. Decked out in his trusty Drizabone, flannel shirt and well-worn Akubra, this unlikely movie star had the magazine questioning ‘How the heck did this guy conquer Hollywood?

Since his separation from Danielle Spencer, Russell has found himself on the cover of tabloids more than glossy entertainment bibles.

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While both Jack and Russell are worthy contenders, my pick as our best Aussie male magazine star is none other than Mr Hugh Jackman.

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Why? Well he completely embraces whatever look the magazine stylists or editors throw at him. From getting wet and wild for Vanity Fair, suited & styled for The Australian Women’s Weekly or riding high in Men’s Journal. This man has the charm and sparkly eyes to make me buy any magazine he is on!

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