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Sarah Murdoch back to promote Australian Ballet


Looking amazing as always, the 42-year-old Sarah Murdoch pulled on her pointe shoes and a pink polka dot Dolce & Gabbana dress to grace the latest cover of Vogue Australia.

We all know Sarah as the model/mother and complete babe, who has appeared on multiple magazine covers, across the world. But this was never Sarah’s dream. From the age or six, Ms Murdoch was obsessed with ballet. She would dance seven days a week, take extra classes and chose a performing arts high school, just so her afternoons could include pirouettes and plies.


After 21 years of covering Vogue a total of 11 times, Sarah insisted this cover needed a reason to celebrate and or talk about something important, raising attention to all Vogue readers.

Now deputy chair of The Australian Ballet, one of Mrs Murdoch’s passions is bringing dance to children who cannot access or afford it. The photo shoot and accompanying feature outlines to readers how passionate she is on inspiring ballerinas to follow their dreams.


In every country town there’s a fish and chips shop and a ballet school. We have all these young Australians who are passionate about the performing arts and dance and they dream of communicating and seeing our dancers,” she said.

We’re lucky to perform at the Opera House and we do tour a lot, but I never want to feel that this company is untouchable to every single Australian, young or old, who wants to see them. People think it’s arts, it’s elite, but we’re for everyone.”


The blonde, blue-eyed beauty also touched on her childhood dream of becoming a ballerina, a dream which was crushed at the age of 17 when she was deemed 5 inches too tall to be a ballet dancer. She threw out her tights, found a modelling agency and cut her long blonde hair into a pixie crop which soon became her trademark in the fashion world. Now Sarah has filled her dream and surrounds herself with dance through the Australian Ballet.

“I get to be immersed in it, I get to meet the ballerinas, and to go to the wardrobe department, and to see the pointe shoes,” she says. “I love seeing how they tie their ribbons, how they do their elastic.” Sarah said.

Many readers have different opinions on the cover, what’s your thoughts?

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