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Miley does it again!


Just when we think Miley can’t ruin her reputation any more she lays it all on the line – literally for Rolling Stone Magazine.

After recently missing out on the US Vogue cover Miley Cyrus fights back featuring on the cover of Rolling Stone not only sticking her tongue out in the pool but going topless as well!

And that’s not all – commemorating her first-ever Rolling Stone cover Miley decided the only way the world’s most outrageous 20 year old singer could celebrate was with nothing but the words “Rolling $tone” on the bottoms of her feet!

The 20-year-old entertainer posted the pic on her Instagram showing off the ink with the caption “#rattatattat @RollingStone.”

Within the October issue, Cyrus takes editor Josh Eells to a tattoo parlour. Miley states the idea came to her after she began brainstorming “fun” things they could do together. “I thought about going to play laser tag, but laser tag sucks,” she explains. “And we could have gone bowling, but what are we, 90?” Third best idea was getting a tattoo and thats exactly what Miley did.

Miley getting inked

While these are the 20 year old’s first tattoos on her feet, she sure is no stranger to tattoos. In Rolling Stone’s cover shoot – a dreamcatcher is visible on her bare torso. Among others she also had a peace sign, an equal sign, a heart, a cross, the words “love” and “just breath”, and a quote from Teddy Roosevelt.

Miley calls herself a 'semi-nudist' in the October issue of Rolling Stone

The former child star tells Rolling Stone “People get tattoos of the most f—ked-up shit”.

Miley calls herself a ‘semi-nudist’ in the October issue of Rolling Stone, and she is sure not wrong by stating that! Posing for photographer Theo Wenner, former Disney Channel star sticks out her tongue once again for the camera, with her highlighted short slick hair and her smeared black eyeliner, Miley shows shes nothing like Hannah Montana anymore.

Miley shows shes no longer anything like Hannah Montana.

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