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One Direction fans unleash!


One Direction fans unleash overflow of online abuse directed at GQ Magazine after boyband open up.

Despite this interview with GQ Magazine being their most revealing to date, One Direction’s devoted fans aren’t too impressed with how their idols have been characterised.

The 5 members of the British boyband One Direction are each featured individually on their own cover of the new September issue of GQ British Magazine – what a brilliant way for each of the guys, Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall to feel special? AND an even more wonderful way of selling more magazines (I am sure there are plenty of One Direction fans on this earth that would insist on buying all 5 covers upon the release date).

Niall says,”All I see is a sea of screaming faces.” While Zayn discloses his thoughts “They will build statues of us.”

Liam’s reads, “Groupies? You’re going to get me in trouble.” While Louis states, “Noel Gallagher is not supposed to like our music.”

In this September issue we read all the gossip on the boys’ bisexual rumours, groupies and their tangled love lives. But since the publication of this interview, the magazine has experienced a major backlash from dedicated One Direction fans who bombarded the GQ Twitter and Facebook accounts with a string of often foul-mouthed and abusive messages.

Messages and tweets from fans scoped from humorous to terrifying with many indivdials specifically disapproving the way that Harry was portrayed.

Harry, ever the ladies’ man, has a quote to match his reputation: “It’s definitely less than 100…” alongside the Daft Punk lyric “He’s up all night to get lucky.” Cheeky!

Alongside Harry’s individual GQ cover was the tagline ‘He’s up all night to get lucky’, with many fans complaining it was an unfair way to describe the 19-year-old singer.

Pointing out Harry’s clean-cut side, one Twitter user wrote: ‘Harry isn’t “Up all night to get lucky” he’s up all night making Vines, hanging out with hair stylists, old people, and a baby’.

Other One Direction fans had quite the opposite response posting an explicit reply to Harry’s own tweet which promoted the interview: ‘IM F*****G P****D AT HOW THEY PORTRAYED YOU, YOU ARE NOT A GOD DAMN MAN W***E, YOU ARE A CUPCAKE. JESUS.’

Another One Direction fan portrayed ideas that complemented these 5 boys to be loyal, tweeting: ‘I’ll f**k you up GQ, I swear you’ve messed with the wrong people’.

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