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Doing his best to look like a ‘serious’ actor – Zac Efron only manages the slightest smirk whilst his designer duds are layered with a menagerie of baby animals for the cover of the Oct/Nov issue of BlackBook.

I can imagine how the photo shoot concept would have had his PR team on edge – cute guy cuddling animals-  worried that this would be another ‘disney heart throb’ spread – perfect for Seventeen magazine and the bedroom walls of girls across the country. Not at all the look his team are going for – especially as his latest  movie project has him getting down and dirty with Nicole Kidman in ‘The Paperboy’.

The PR team can rest assured, as the shoot at the Los Angeles Wildlife Learning Centre by renowned photographer Doug Inglish is more old school hipster than heart-throb.

In the most captivating photo, Efron and a rather large python face off. As I looked at the image I found myself waiting for the python to jump free of his grasp – not to strike him – but to ask why he forgot to put on a tie. Other fabulous shots include co-stars Kina the gray fox and Richard the Hawk (who I am sure was also wondering why Zac forgot to put on his socks).

The designer duds can not hide however that Zac is a Southern Californian boy at heart.  BlackBook reports that while the little white bunnies (perfect co-stars for a toilet paper commercial) poked out of Zac’s pockets and the owl balanced on his shoulder, he was heard proudly proclaiming “Animals are dope”.

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